Friday, October 7, 2016

Visas ‘gold’ has already captured the investment of 2,400 million to Portugal – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

Visas ‘gold’ raised 2.4 billion euros in investment since they were established, four years ago, according to data from Aliens and Borders Service (SEF), with the majority of investors from China.

it Was the 08 of October 2012 and entered into force visas ‘gold’ (or visa gold), a measure launched by the Government PSD-CDS/PP with the objective of capturing investment of citizens from outside the European Union (EU), granting in exchange for residence visas in Portugal and, soon, ease of stay in other countries of the European Union.

Since then, the Portuguese State has already granted 3.888 Residence Permits for Investment activity (ARI), being that 2016 is precisely the year with more ‘visa gold’ awarded, and this is still not finished.

In 2012, were awarded to only two visas ‘gold’, in 2013 the number rose to 494, and amounted to 1.526 in 2014. Already in 2015 there has been a fall, with the granting of 766, and this year the visas granted were to 1,100 by September.

most of The visas ‘gold’ should be the investment in the acquisition of real estate (3.669), and this purchase must be made by a value equal to or exceeding 500 thousand euros.

As the capital transfer (the amount equal to or exceeding 1 million euros) gave rise to 213 assignments visas and, finally, were only granted six visas through creating at least ten jobs.

The chinese citizens tops the list of the visas ‘gold’ awarded, with 2.879 until 30 September, followed by Brazil (209), Russia (136) South Africa (124) and Lebanon (60).

As to the amounts of investment, in cumulative terms – since that visas began to be allocated, 08 October 2012, and until September last, the total amount raised was about $ 2.37 billion euros, having been the largest party for the purchase of real estate (2,14 billion and $ 232 million for capital transfer).

After the release of the visas ‘gold’ in 2012, a measure that had as its main face, the former deputy prime minister Paulo Portas, in the first months of the past year were made changes to the rules of assignment, having been expanded the investment of foreigners in areas such as urban rehabilitation, or science.

however, the SEF has suspended the process of awarding of visas to 1 July due to lack of legal framework between the previous and the new regime.

The 16 of July 2015, the government of Passos Coelho has approved a decree that regulates the changes in the law and the new measures entered into force on 3 September.

The changes to the allocation of visas ‘gold’ arose after the police investigation “Operation Labyrinth”, in November 2014, which led to the arrest of five of the 11 accused persons for alleged corruption, in a process that culminated in the resignation of the position of the then minister of Internal Administration, Miguel Macedo.


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