Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lava Jet: brazilian Public prosecution service reaches agreement with Rolls-Royce – the Observer

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) the brazilian has reached agreement with Rolls-Royce for the payment of an indemnity of more than 23 million euros for damages caused to the public company, Petrobras. Are concerned, the facts established in the investigations of operation Lava Jet related to alleged acts of corruption committed by representatives of the british company, according to a statement from the MPF ships to the Observer.

The agreement, which is still subject to court approval, corresponds to the full refund of the net profits obtained by Rolls-Royce in six contracts awarded by Petrobras and even includes the payment of a fine relating to the value of the commissions of intermediaries.

The values will be paid directly to Petrobras, within 90 days of the approval of the agreement.

The company Rolls-Royce has delivered spontaneously to the MPF in the beginning of 2015 the results of the internal investigation promoted by a specialized firm, and placed himself at the disposal of the authorities for the clarification of the facts. At the time, the british stressed that the company does not tolerate the payment of bribes to close contracts.

According to the prosecutor Paulo Roberto Galvão, of the team of the MPF of the Paraná, who leads the Operation Lava Jet, the agreement reached was effective. "This is the proper behavior of legal entities that have implemented effective programmes of integrity. Instead of denying the facts and adopt measures to obstruct investigations, it is expected that these companies promote their own research, provide all the evidence to the authorities without restrictions and seek to recover all damages caused," reads the statement of the Prosecutor of the Republic in the State of Paraná.

Galvão said that with this behavior the "companies manage to, in addition to resolve disputes with Justice, show that they are really willing to maintain their operations without the practice of nefarious corruption. We hope that this behavior is also a legacy of the Lava Jet to a business environment that is more healthy in the country."

The compensation agreed with the Public Prosecutor is part of a global agreement signed between Rolls-Royce and the british authorities and the north american advances in Folha de Sao Paulo. The overall amount to be paid reaches 200 million euros.

it is recalled that the United Kingdom was coming to investigate the Rolls-Royce by suspicions of corruption in 12 countries, reported the Guardian: Brazil, India, China, Indonesia, South Africa, Angola, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azebeijão Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.


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