Tuesday, January 17, 2017

World tourism grew by 3.9% in 2016 – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

The tourism sector grew 3.9% worldwide in 2016. In the last year, there were 1.235 million tourists, over 46 million of that in 2015.

The numbers were revealed by the World Tourism Organization on Tuesday, January 17, in Madrid. 2016 was the seventh consecutive year of growth after the financial crisis of 2008, and reached a new record.

However, the year recorded a slight slowdown in the pace of growth.

Europe continues to be a leader in the volume of tourists, having received 620 people, or half of the global total. The Old Continent grew by 2%, marked by asymmetries in the destinations.

Portugal grows above the average of the continent in which it is inserted. The data of the National Institute of Statistics up to November point to 18 million guests, representing a year-onyear variation to skim the 10%.

Asia and the Pacific were the regions with the fastest growth. The ascent of the 8% allowed it to reach the bar of the 303 million visitors, 24 million of that in 2015.

The Middle East is the only region to lose tourists, with a decrease of 4%. The instability and insecurity that the geography and justify the 54 million tourists.

in 2017, the World Tourism Organization expects the sector to continue to grow between 3 and 4%.


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