Monday, October 10, 2016

Invoices taxi can also come to give the discount in the IRS – Journal on Saturday

Invoices taxi can also come to give the discount in the IRS

in Addition to the costs with tickets or passes, bus, train or tube, whose deduction from the IRS is to be studied by the Executive and also the receipts of taxis may be eligible for, advances the Public.

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On the day that four thousand taxi drivers are manifested in the Lisbon questioning the legalization of the services of alternate transportation such as Uber and Cabify, comes the information that the Government is studying the inclusion of invoices for transport in a taxi as a deductible expense IRS.
The news is advanced by the newspaper Audience, that already this morning wore that the Executive is studying the eligibility of expenditure with the passes in the bus, train or metro for the granting of tax incentives to taxpayers.
The proposal will be dealt with in the framework of the State Budget for 2017, whose presentation is scheduled for this Friday. The Public concerns, citing two government sources not identified, that “the idea was introduced in the package of green taxation by the Ministry of Finance.”
The deduction of these expenses would be made in the likeness of that which already exists with the expenses of education or the deductions by the existence of the invoice.
The inclusion of the expenses for public transport for the deduction in IRS already had been proposed in September by the Party The Greens. At the time, Heloísa Apolónia had underlined that this tax incentive would serve to combat climate change, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through less car use, “but also to ensure a sustainable mobility and a higher quality of life to the people in the cities.”

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