Monday, October 10, 2016

The OECD predicts stabilisation of economic growth in Portugal – the Journal News

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) provides for the maintenance of the stabilization of economic growth in Portugal in the coming months, in a context of a global trend of stabilization of the remaining economies.

In the indicators advanced composite August OECD (pointing to the trend of improvement or slowdown in economic activity in a future period between six to nine months), today disclosed, it is pointed to a maintenance stabilisation in the prospects of improvement in economic activity in Portugal.

The composite index of the OECD for Portugal stabilised in August at 100,6 points that had already registered in July, above the long-term average of 100 points.

THE OECD estimates that the growth of the main economies remains stable, with the exception of Italy, where it predicts a weakening, with a drop of eight hundredths this month (the eighth descent in succession) to the 100,36 points.

The United Kingdom, which remains surrounded by uncertainty regarding the consequences of its exit from the Eu (‘Brexit’), maintains unchanged the angles of the short-term.

so Much for the USA, as for the euro area, Japan and Canada, the OECD estimates that the trend is also of stabilisation in economic activity.

the euro zone fell a hundredth to 100,26 points, with a slight descent of two hundredths to France (100,35 points) and a small rise of five hundredths to Germany (for 99,91 points).


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