Friday, October 7, 2016

ModaLisboa Fashion Week Together Starts Today In The Capital – Cinnamon & Hortela

Cith the change of season and the falling of the leaves, also arrive the new proposals in fashion for the next season, and not fleeing to the rule, here which kicks off officially tomorrow in the Capital of another edition of ModaLisboa, the 47th, under the theme Together.

In the year to celebrate the Silver Jubilee, one of the most important events in the field of Fashion in our country, kicks off officially today, at 18h00, at the Noble Hall of the town Hall of the Municipality, with the Fast Talks, in an invitation to reflection and to the debate: <> > > > > How Can Fashion Change The World?. A reflection on the constant changes of fashion, an exchange of ideas between designers, communicators and all those involved in the industry and the creation of fashion. The debate will be moderated by creative Joana Barrios and will count with the participation of Anna Lottersberger, Kino Fox, Noelia Morales, and designer Priscilla Alexander.

at The same time in the Courtyard of the Gale starts up the usual parade of New Blood, that this station presents the proposals of Carolina Machado, M Hka, Hermione Flynn, John Oliveira, Duarte, Inês Silva, Cátia Moreira, John Belly, Micaela Sapinho, Daniela Ciolan and Sofiya Malichenko. The following are after the parades of Catarina Oliveira (20: 30), Morecco (21: 30) in the municipal Square and Ricardo Black Man (22h30 – Patio da Gale).

For the Saturday day 8 are scheduled the parade Nuno Gama at 14h30, at the Museum of the Galeotas in Bethlehem and in the town Square of the Empire, this open to the public, and ends with a performance. Without a doubt the high point of the day. Follow after David Ferreira (16: 30), Awaytomars (17: 30), Valentim Quaresma (18h30), CIA Maritima (19: 30), Christophe Sauvat (20: 30), SayMyName (21: 30) and Dino Alves (23: 00), the running between the City hall Square and the Courtyard of the Gale.

Sundays are reserved for the proposals of Ricardo Black Lady (12: 30 pm – Showroom Maserati), Olga Noronha | LAB (14.30), Patrick de Padua|LAB (15: 30), Philip Spark (16: 30), Ricardo Andrez (17: 30), Nadir Tati (18h30), Kolovrat (19: 30) and Luís Carvalho (20: 30), which closes the event.

in addition To the parades, this year’s edition also includes several initiatives that are open to the public, such as the photography exhibition Workstation, (featuring the works of Anna Balecho, Carla Pires and Maria Rita); the exhibition Future Archive Miguel Domingos; the installation Polish Shoes APICCAPS; and the short film Undo from the designer Lara Torres. Everything in the 31 Square of the City, with free entry.

The general public still has access to the Wonder Room, the pop-up store of the ModaLisboa fashion week, in the Square of the Municipality, and where they are present 20 national brands emerging, from clothing to jewellery, footwear to accessories, the swimwear to eyewear, from the perfume to the stationery.

Without any doubt an excellent opportunity to see what is best in the sector in our country and see what are the trends for the Spring/Summer of 2017.


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