Friday, October 7, 2016

Walked 30 km in the opposite direction and collided front against car News Journal

A car collided head-on with another vehicle on the motorway A29, direction south-north, next to the node of Estarreja, after having walked more than 30 kilometres in the opposite direction.

The alert to the accident came to the Fire department of Estarreja at 12.12 hours.

“The car continued on the wrong side, next to the kerb, and collided from the front against a car that was going to enter into the A29,” he told Lusa the commander of the Fire brigade of Estarreja, Ernesto Rebelo.

According to the same source, the collision resulted injured a man of 54 years that followed the wheel of the car in the opposite direction.

“He was very disoriented and complained of pain in the area of the chest”, said the same, adding that the victim was conducted to the Hospital of St Sebastian at the Fair.

According to a source from the GNR, the man will be entered on the A29 in Vila Nova de Gaia and came out on its own initiative on the node of Estarreja, where the accident occurred, which caused constraints in the transit.

The Guard was, however, advised by multiple drivers to the presence of a vehicle that was circular in the opposite direction, having followed to the location several patrols in order to intercept the driver.

“THE POLICE mounted an operation that involved five patrol cars to do drag for traffic in the opposite direction to the travel of the vehicle in question, so that if there were a collision was not so violent, and in the direction of movement of the vehicle, there were other patrols to intercept, but the operation had no effect,” said the same source.

THE POLICE will report the case to the Public prosecution.


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