Sunday, October 9, 2016

The secretary of State recognises the importance of Marcelo in the stability of the Government – Daily News – Funchal

The ruling socialist and the secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Pedro Nuno Santos, advocated today the importance of the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, to the current solution of government supported by a majority of the left.

“Let me give a note on the importance of a political environment serene and distended as the one that we have, bringing to the debate the lord President of the Republic, by the importance that it has on the success of this solution. Do not have room for doubt,” said Pedro Nuno Santos. The socialist spoke in a debate sponsored by the association Forum Manifest, Ana Drago, in which also participated the mep and leader bloquista Marisa Matias, on “the situation of the Contraption”, in the auditorium of the Youth Hostel of Parque das Nações, in Lisbon.

The statement of Pedro Nuno Santos about the President of the Republic has been produced in a part of the debate in which the speakers answered to the questions of Daniel Oliveira, who posed a question about the popular support of the Government supported in parliament by the BE, the PCP and PEV. The secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs, who was in a personal capacity, argued that this popular support exists and is manifested in the streets at the demonstration by the public school, supporting the measure of the Government to review the contracts of association with the private schools. In addition to popular support, Pedro Nuno Santos noted the existence of “a political environment distended” and it was in this context that he spoke of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, without developing further the idea that the head of State has contributed to the success of the solution developed by the government. “We have today a political environment distended, we do not have a political environment of confrontation, and this is not bad, this is good,” he said.

The first words of Pedro Nuno Santos to start your participation in that discussion was to underline the absence of the CFP: “we Just have a failure at this stage, missing a big party of our democracy and that is the fundamental and determinant role in the solution of governance, the CFP”. “The ENP also, but the CFP for their size. This solution does not exist without the CFP, it does not even be possible without the CFP, I wanted to give this note,” he said. Daniel Oliveira clarified, in the light of this comment, that the invitations were made of the way personal and not institutional, and that two people of the CFP were invited but that for “reasons strictly of the agenda” were not able to come.


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