Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The president of China will meet with a counselor to Trump in Davos – Express

The first World Economic Forum (WEF) since the victory of Brexit on the United Kingdom and the election of Donald Trump in the United States kicked off this Tuesday morning in Davos, Switzerland, overshadowed by a report from Oxfam where it is revealed that the eight richest men in the world have the same combined wealth than the poorest half of the world’s population. The document took Winnie Byanyima, the executive director of the confederation of non-governmental organizations for the development, to consider "obscene that so much money is in the hands of so few when one in ten people survives on two dollars a day."

judging by The first speeches at the annual meeting, the striking report is not to be ignored. At present, the CEO of Hewlett Packard stated this morning that "there is a group of people who feel left behind", a fact which, in your opinion, contributed in fact to the electoral victory of Trump. "The election in the USA not resulted in what I expected but it happened and we, as americans, we have to give our President the benefit of the doubt and the chance to prove that he can be a leader in responsible and sensitive" (the motto of the gathering economic this year is "Leadership, responsible and sensitive").

"When you reflect on what these leaders have to do," continued Dion Weisler, "I think that the US elections and the Brexit showed us is that there is a group of people who feel left behind by globalization and by the changes that technology has brought in the last few decades, so we have to think how to give a chance to these people. This will only be achieved through a transition and transformation weighted labor force".

Douglas Flint, the director of HSBC, in spite of the increasing inequality and the gap between the rich, a handful of them, and the rest of the world’s population, globalisation does not have to be sacrificed, as Trump seems to want to. "I do not think that the case in favour of globalisation has been lost, but I think that you need to be more well-articulated." The ships of the "Telegraph" the Davos note that, for Flint, The question "what is that globalization has already done for us?" is equivalent to the question "what is it that the romans ever done for us?", a reference to "The Life of Brian" of Monty Python. Such as the characters of the film list the what Rome has done for us, the responsible for the financial institution of britain, currently the largest in Europe, has launched a list of answers about everything that globalisation has already brought us.

The globalization forgot starred in also the speech of the counselor that Donald Trump sent to Switzerland, delivered before an audience overflowing, anxious to hear from you and to the chinese President, Xi Jinping, the first leader of the giant communist to be invited to participate in this annual meeting. "97% of global citizens have not benefited [from monetary measures such as Quantitative Easing] and the common people are with a lot of difficulties," said Anthony Scaramucci to the present, cited by the correspondent of "The Guardian". "When I go to the rallies of Donald Trump, there is a real sense of despair. If we do not solve the inequalities, within four years [in the elections of 2020] the US will have a leader of the left that it will be worse."

at A time when the President-elect of the USA prepares to take office this Friday, after a campaign and a presidential transition driven by a line of protectionism to "make America great again", Davos turned to an unlikely ally, in figure Xi. The journalists who are covering the meeting say that the chinese leader will meet with Scaramucci, a veteran of the WEF to discuss the future of the relationship between the two countries on Tuesday, at a time when that question if the isolationism american will advance and what impact it will have in the world.

Before this meeting, Scaramucci spoke to the present, as a representative of the Trump and assured in an interview with the Associated Press that the that the future leader of north american argues it has nothing to do with protectionism, the economic. "He just wants to trade free and fair." Asked about that guidance received from the President elect, the man of finance explained that Trump said only, "as always says, 'go and do a good job'."

TO ITV News, the councillor said that the United Kingdom outside the European Union will be "on the front line" to an agreement of trade with the United States — a statement that should worry Brussels, which comes in line with the meeting of Boris Johnson and the team of Trump a week ago and that is contrary to the warning of Barack Obama in the aftermath of the referendum to Brexit in June, when he said that the US would be "at the end of the queue" to trade with a Uk outside of the regional bloc.


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