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The municipality of Celorico de Basto desagrava the tax burden with a reduction of the IMI – Mail of Minho

Municipality of Celorico de Basto desagrava the tax burden with a reduction of the IMI

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The municipal executive of Celorico de Basto has set for 2017, a reduction to 0,32% in urban buildings, and approves the reduction of the IMI family, with fixed rates, in function of the number of dependents.
it Is the goal, with these measures, "ease the tax burden felt by celoricenses improving their quality of life. At the same time we intend to act in order to promote the fixation of population in the county and to encourage the creation of companies and to its sustainability," said the president of the Chamber Hall of Celorico de Basto, Joaquim Mota e Silva. The mayor highlighted the need to give continuity to a policy that benefits the people and the economic growth of the county, without neglecting the balance of municipal accounts. "The economic difficulties experienced by many families, especially aggregate numbers, are a concern of this municipal executive, therefore, we act in order to mitigate these difficulties and encourage the improvement of the life conditions of the families. Are measures that will substantially decrease the revenues earned by this Mu nicípio but we will do everything to, with strict management, to maintain the financial balance".

in 2017, the executive gastronomy, approved the proposed reduction in Municipal Property Tax, from 0.33% to 0,32%. Still, it was approved to fix the reduction of the IMI to charge for the Tax and Customs Authority, during the year 2017, for the building or part of urban building intended for the permanent residence of the taxpayer, given the number of dependents that make up the household.
it Was proposed and approved in a lump sum. Thus, for a dependent, the dependent deduction will be€ 20 for two dependents the deduction will be€ 40 and three or more dependents the allowance was set at 70€.

In the same sense, it has been approved the exemption from the tax surcharge.

The proposals approved were submitted to the meeting of the Municipal council of Celorico de Basto, to come into force in the year 2017.

*** Note prepared by the office of communication of the C. M. de Celorico de Basto ***

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